‘We’re not a service garage’ says Wheeler Dealers host

Mike Brewer responds to questions about profit

‘We’re not a service garage’ says Wheeler Dealers host
Photo: Matt Kimberley/Hagerty

The host of the popular Wheeler Dealers TV series has posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) to point out that ”we’re not a service garage”.

Mike Brewer, who has hosted the show for 21 years, says he has explained this “over and over again”.

This comes as fans of the show had questioned how much profit he had made.

“If I buy a car for five grand, spend four grand on it, and sell it for ten, I made a grand profit. It’s not hard to work it out.

“Yes, in the real world, it would cost more for labour cost, but we’re not a service garage. We’re just two guys, fixing up cars, and we’re happy to take a grand profit.”

Mike added that a new series of Wheeler Dealers is coming soon.

Source: The Sun


  1. Mike’s words to me many years ago was smoke and mirrors its TV.

  2. £5000 profit for margin scheme so take £833 from your £1000 profit for the VAT man

  3. The auctions would make dealers stand aside whilst he ran a tv car across their block. It’s tv, it’s not real…..


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