Five high-end cars and £20K worth of tools stolen from Bolton independent

Police launch investigation after a gang of burglars target SMB garage

Five high-end cars and £20K worth of tools stolen from Bolton independent
Garage owner, Mr Simm.

Six burglars made off with five cars believed to be valued at around £150,000 as well as more than £20,000 worth of tools and equipment.

Other vehicles at the garage and the property itself was also damaged.

Garage owner, Mrs Fletcher-Simm said: “We have got them on CCTV.

“They have taken a significant amount of tools which are needed to run the garage.

“When talking to the police officer this morning he said there is a suggestion this is linked to the burglaries that have been going on in the Bromley Cross area.

“One of the vehicles has been used in that area overnight.”

The list of vehicles taken from the workshop included a Nissan GTR, a Mercedes E Class, a Lexus IS, an Audi and a Citroen C4.

The burglars first broke into an office where they stole the keys to the vehicles and workshop before making off with the cars.


Owner, Mr Simm said: “The good side is that the other garages around here have said if we can do anything just ask us.

“I am gutted.

“I felt like saying I would pack it all in and I would go and get a job.”

Four of the cars taken and some of the tools have now been recovered.

The burglary is thought to be linked to a recent spree of break-ins across the north of Bolton.

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