Technician returns from stag-do to find his BMW 3 Series crushed

A BMW technician returned to find a car he was to work on in his own time had been towed and crushed

Technician returns from stag-do to find his BMW 3 Series crushed
Tim Pyke returned to find that the BMW 3 series had been crushed.

Tim Pyke had been on a stag-do in Spain, leaving the BMW 3 Series parked in a private car park where no highways rights exist, the Daily Mail reports.

Before his departure, Pyke explained to Colchester Council that the car had not been abandoned and officers had accepted that no offence had been committed.

However, upon his return the car was missing as officials had towed the vehicle whilst he was away – despite having previously assured him.

Pyke said: “The car had been parked on private property, the management company asked the council to put a 14-day notice on it as they thought it had been abandoned.

“I called the council to claim ownership of the car and they said it was fine, when I came back from my holiday the car had gone.

“They said it was because the car was not taxed, but it was off the road.

“It was completely ridiculous.”

He had been given the car as a project by his employers and had unfortunately left his tools in the car.

He added: “It was in my own parking space, they never made contact with me, they just took it and crushed it.

“A number of my tools were stored in the car so I am at a severe loss.”

Council defends its decision

A spokesman from PMS said that directors of the residents’ management company at Albany Gardens rasied concerns about a car which they believed had been abandoned and subsequently reported the car to Colchester Borough Council.

Coulchester Council defended their decision: “As there was no DVLA Registered Keeper or Statutory Off Road Notification, a notice was served on the vehicle the same day.

“Following the 14 day legal notice period and instructions from PMS Management Estates, the vehicle was then removed.”

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