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    DORSET Police has issued an urgent MOT warning to drivers amid confusion following last year’s six-month MOT extension. In a post on Facebook, Dorset
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    Crush them more piles of unfixable junk off the road

    Did the fuzz say how much the invoice was?

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    Joy Mattock

    So why is it now safe to continue to expect people to come out for MOT’s when the current variants of COVID are so much more transmissible ? Oh, don’t forget also that DVSA suggested that it would be a ” useful little service ” to collect cars from people self isolating and that included those with a positive test result. Are they mad ? What decent boss would ask their staff to do that. I certainly wouldn’t.

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    Neil Skuse

    Complete and utter cock up with the extensions for six months.
    Should have run 12 consecutive months to keep the numbers and flow steady.
    We have been fully booked every day for the last 6 months-come April it is going to go very quite on MOT Testing-then August will arrive and another crazy 6 months of MOT Testing.

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    steve smith

    So here’s the conundrum: All forms of motorcycle rider training is banned…including CBT (which for the uninitiated, is a statutory requirement to validate a provisional motorcycle license).
    So our Bournemouth based delivery rider is off the road, not earning, because their CBT expired (and because they don’t have a valid license their insurance is now invalid). Their scooter, parked on the road, has its MOT now expired!
    Over to you Dorset police, and the DVSA rationalize that for us.

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    Cant you get bike picked up for mot then Tweet photo of milage to insurance
    Company to cover for rta act / theft reasons

    Moped be nicked soon anyway

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