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    Making too much money, advertising yes, sponsors no, if you can afford
    To sponsor that can afford to drop your prices & support uk workers

    in reply to: Number of motorists missing MOT expiry dates on the rise #210157

    Great up the fines and prices, what fuds.

    Take the other day, car comes in, had on dashboard tyre pressure light
    For a year, passed mot last year, car now passed it’s retest time
    So mot expired, but that car needs driving to clear the light after new sensor.

    So you get pulled over as vehicle tech & in trouble with the fuzz &
    It’s “just a light” as far as owner concerned!


    Be more interesting to find out if he left the key in the hole
    Or used something to disable the factory immboliser

    ID48 Pre coded dealership key would be required i think

    But youtube “Fiat IMMO Bypass 2018”
    Great tool


    Appeals like getting Milly cirrus off abdul down shop

    in reply to: VARTA urges drivers to seek expert battery fitment #210146

    Great but that guy is not wearing safety glasses and is holding the battery
    At an angle.

    If you really wanna know, I have a spanner with a burn mark
    Off the car of that bloke on the TV.

    As for training err like other day, customer no speka da lingo
    Chepest battery from Euro Car Parts, then entered the same serial number
    On orginal battery. Released customer of money sent on way.

    Why bother nobody wanna buy the dear ones, sometimes you have to but
    Made in same Jonson factory in Germany as t’ bosch ones!


    That is great information but for those cars that only get the bonnet opened
    When it wont start, what advise do you have for them?


    Great, but would it not be better for everyone involved punter, garage, supplier, manufacturers to either do away with something that is made by making a tree bleed, then boiled in surphic acid for 24 hours to be then attached to something growing on a cotton farm, to turn a stick with lumps?

    Or make it so much better you don’t get not of this valve mashing madness

    in reply to: How a faulty MAP sensor can cause DPF issues #210143

    One for bob geldof there, silicon chip switched to overload

    For educational or entertainment purposes could have pulled pipe off map sensor
    To see if it flagged anything.

    Seem to think reading a tweet often get toyota/lexus not running
    Right, egr slightly open but no code, clean goes like a rocket


    Great, you get one with correct stamps, drive down a yellow bricked road
    And it ends up looking like a plenished jug.

    Presumably these are uk makers of this product doing their bit for uk business
    Then some leak eating taffy tw@t comes along and wipes them out with an invoice

    Worse case, they recalled them all to stamp


    Oh Michael Jacson is in the room

    in reply to: One-third of UK cars suffer pothole damage #210042

    Should drive slower and to road conditions not driving up others arse
    At 50 mph

    in reply to: Euro Car Parts launches e-learning suite #210041

    Should be down to the fat controller of each branch going spreading
    Milly around promoting this not from independent websites.

    Imi again, Euro Car Parts in same sentence, no thanks.

    The other day tore a strip off guy at local branch, wanted
    Price for myself on some parts, but meant ringing as were not on website,
    Retail price would have been ok, but no, so got my bits elsewhere


    Imi again not professional trying to flog someone a lambarda
    Sensor they dont need, yes ok this car and that car will benefit.

    All that will happen is one poster per garage, the boss will
    Take it home, leave by his back door for 6 months by which time
    It will be rotten.


    Ffs, 12.0 volt that needs sticking on charge before doing anything else

    Why bother with all this electric lark, see a few great videos on xtube

    People cutting batteries open and sparks flying.

    Need to be rid of, doing more harm than good.

    How much soil needs digging by diesel digger for one battery
    65kg lithium for one tesla battery

    in reply to: BMW recalls first-gen BMW 1 Series due to fire risk #210037

    Thick wires, maxi fuse then thin pins on multi plug with limited
    Surface area, great idea, tell the french that with their rear light clusters

    in reply to: Today’s or This Weeks Unfixable Car Thread #209995

    Today’s unfixable car is an Astra H only failure of mot horn
    But cim module stuffed, £500 fitted for another cant find correct
    Used one, that has been reset

    So. #unfixable

    in reply to: Opinion: We’re well on our way to an electric future #209994

    #ffs hydrogen cells were invented by t’ Victorians

    Had at least two world wars since then

    Only question is, if the Zeplin airship had Diesel engines for
    Forward and backward thrust, why not use a 2x fuel cell in reverse and
    Forward to make it go up/down forward and backward

    in reply to: Opinion: We’re well on our way to an electric future #209955

    Search on youtube “Here’s Why A TESLA MODEL X Caught FIRE & Driver KILLED”
    By digital gonad or something

    Credits to Impactops for the link in first place

    #crash & burn

    in reply to: Opinion: We’re well on our way to an electric future #209954

    “David” I agree 100% with you and would have said something along them lines
    But my probation officer was banging on the door.

    “Michelle Lewis” great point about power lines with bojoclown
    Telling everyone to rip up irreplaceable farming land and build new houses on flood plains etc.

    Does that mean flood plain full of houses and electric cars go fizzle.

    This iShit one cell battery, 2 years old, only for DK, eBay, email, GW and Tweeting obscenities, about knackered!

    Be nice if entire motor way of electric cars burn down.

    What are insurance costing, more? Trip hazard and fire hazard

    in reply to: AA rolls-out ‘freewheeling hub’ nationwide #209952

    Great idea just hope that the inventer makes millions from it, and
    Gets paid royalties every time one is used.

    Singers do that, Mungo Jerry took 10 minutes to write “in the summer time” and made MILLIONS from it

    #Alcoholics anonymous


    Great, free sample please, got a Austin Montego 2.0 EFI
    In at the moment, you got pin data for cranking shaft sensor please?
    Wire colour?

    We also have mk 1 gulf convertible rear fog light fuse location
    Can’t see it in handbook?

    Garage up the road, done a clutch on VR6 Corrado cranks
    Wont fire, unable to commicate to ecu



    in reply to: Opinion: We’re well on our way to an electric future #209949

    Phooey, batteries of any sort don’t like been stood. Ni-cads
    Seems to recover well rather than these Lithium fire ball things

    That lump that hammond guy stuffed 8000 cells even if they are
    50p each then be monster job to replace all the cells. That also burnt for 5 days
    Due to thermal runaway

    Where in parrell you get bad spotweld and tag breaks off give it large
    You wind other cells backwards and they catch fire!

    The connections have a coating damage it draws 900 amps not 90
    So that means repairs will mean replacing parts only

    The inverters are OTP so game over WHEN they fail
    The a/c is a must to cool the battery pack WTF, that means the cells are getting hammered they have to be forced cool

    SMMT and IMI. both useless self centred fuds should have stood up and
    Said no. (Worked for Grange Hill)

    Rumor states and google it that oil fields that were empty in the 80’s
    Have refilled to 80%

    As for “zero emissions” my hairy arse, brake dust heat generated by charging and running. 65kg of Lithium for one battery, how much soil and rock removed for that!

    Should not be forced on folks because someone in imi wants MORE money for training
    As for “being trained” some people are unable to do anything with electrity except plugging a plug in the wall

    in reply to: REE Automotive reveals new EV platforms #209926

    Great, make sure they got person walking in front with red flags

    Why do that fully electric everything.

    Does Triger use his brush wirelessly? No

    in reply to: Laser Tools video talks Hybrid and EV lockout #209925

    Phooey hybrid/electric how much info do folks give you
    None, hopefully somewhere entirely electric multi-storey burns because of one of this lumps of junk

    Pointless, only saving tail pipe emissions and that’s it

    Danger to people

    in reply to: Police raid Birmingham ‘chop shop’ #209924

    Nothing exciting @peterstopcrime is always tweeting about these
    Nobody cares, eBay sell the cut up cars, the fuzz zero interest

    As for Corsa turbo chances are it’s seized as they have inlet breathing issues then suck sump dry

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 334 total)

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