MOT quality control below standard for one in three testing stations

MOT garages risking license by failing to meet minimum DVSA standards

MOT quality control below standard for one in three testing stations
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One in three sites are in breach of quality control minimum standards, automotive consultancy Fourmative has warned.

Many sites are found to not have completed enough QCs, failed to document evidence of QCs or Qcs that don’t match tester quality.

A Fourmative spokesperson said: “The frequency of checks may typically be expected to be one per tester, every two months.

“However, this is based on the average garage throughput of two to three tests per day for experienced testers – so should be varied to reflect the volume of tests done or any other special circumstances – such as the experience of testers.

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“For example, if a tester is inexperienced or doing twice the average of two to three tests per day you should consider increasing the checks to once a month.

“And for sites with only one tester, who think they need not do any form of QC’s, read section B of the latest MOT testing guide again.”

Where a VTS has one tester it is expected that the AE should also have in place a suitable means of assuring the quality of testing.

This could include using a third party assessor, a reciprocal arrangement with a local VTS.

Where this is not possible other methods should be used to ensure the quality of testing such as the use of test quality reports to check the testers own performance against the national statistics, noting reasons for differences and any action taken if appropriate.

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The spokesperson added: “For sure MOT Testers are busy, but DVSA will insist QC’s are conducted regularly, at the very least to the above standard and must form part of a QMS VTS routine.

“The QC must be evidenced based on frequency of testing and TQI statistics.

“We recommend the use of our QC sheet and a QC log, to both document and improve the testing practices, we will provide a copy of the QC to anyone who completes the ‘contact us’ form below.

“If you feel your VTS could benefit from an independent check on Quality Control, then do make contact; we have a boxed solution for you to take advantage of and one that is proven to meet DVSA standards as well as save time.”

For more information on using Fourmative to provide this role, complete the ‘contact us’ form on the ‘more details’ link below.

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