Hella Gutmann provides Tesla diagnostic and VAG CSM solutions with latest V65 software update

New data and additional functionality for mega macs PC, X, 77, 66, 56 and 42SE

Hella Gutmann provides Tesla diagnostic and VAG CSM solutions with latest V65 software update

Hella Gutmann has opened more doors for independents with the introduction of its latest V65 software update.

The latest V65 software is compatible with mega macs X, 77, 66, 56 and 42SE, as well as mega macs PC, and equips them with new data and additional functionality.

Head of Hella Gutmann UK, Neil Hilton said: “To remain competitive in the marketplace, workshops need to make sure their diagnostic equipment is up to date and able to allow them to work on the widest number of vehicles possible, and at Hella Gutmann, we try to make that as easy as possible, including by providing our customers with access to regular software updates.

“With the phenomenal growth in the sales of electric vehicles (EV) over the last few years, being one of the early adopters, Tesla has grown disproportionally and is now the UK’s most popular EV brand.

“This also means that the company’s first-generation vehicles are now being seen in the independent workshop and despite not having a traditional combustion engine, they still require diagnostic service and maintenance.

“Unique to the aftermarket, our V65 software update allows mega macs users to diagnose faults with error code read/clear and basic settings for the Tesla Model S and Model X, giving them a distinct advantage over their competitors.

The update also brings addresses cyber security management (CSM) issues for workshops.

Neil added: “Beneficial to security it may be, but it involves considerable effort for independent workshops working across multiple brands, because only authentication in the respective vehicle manufacturer’s (VM) portal and the installation of activation software and the acquisition of digital authorisations in the form of certificates, tokens, or keys, can clear the way to the vehicle’s electronic control units.

“However, in order that independent workshops can continue to compete effectively against the VM’s dealer networks, Hella Gutmann has implemented a universal key for legally unlocking secured vehicles in the software of the company’s mega macs diagnostic tools, with a CSM function.

“This means that instead of having to register individually with each VM portal to obtain diagnostic releases for their customer’s vehicles, and subjecting themselves to extensive checks and potentially significant extra costs, a one-time authentication, activated by proof of identification by passport or identity card, is all that’s needed for a mega macs user to have a clear path to work on all vehicles with a security lock, at the usual diagnostic depth.

“With this V65 update, CSM is extended beyond the original FCA and Mercedes-Benz brands to include VAG SFD-secured models such as Audi Q4 e-tron, Seat Leon, Škoda Octavia, VW Golf 8, ID3 and ID4.

“It also caters for Mercedes applications with CEBAS, so the new S-Class (223), which communicates exclusively via the DoIP protocol, can be diagnosed with a mega macs X, for example.”

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