Laser Tools launches digital torque testers

Three versions available from Laser Tools stockists

Laser Tools launches digital torque testers

Laser Tools has introduced a range of three digital torque testers that make it easy to check accuracy and repeatability of torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers.

The testers are mains powered, and feature a clear, four-digit easy to read LED display, have a sampling rate of 333SPS and an accuracy +/-1% (calibration according to BS7882:2008).

A Laser Tools spokesperson said: “As it is recommended to check (and calibrate if necessary) torque-controlled tools every 5000 clicks or every 12 months, these torque testers are your answer — safe, accurate, convenient and easy to use.”

The testers have a lightweight but robust aluminium body and are intended to be mounted a fixed to a solid surface, such as a work bench (mounting bolts are included).

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