DIY mechanic has lucky escape after jack fails and van falls on top of him

Gym-going neighbour manages to free man by lifting vehicle up as another Good Samaritan drags the him free from van

DIY mechanic has lucky escape after jack fails and van falls on top of him
Neighbour, Jordan Coia managed to lift the van up enough for Paul to be freed.

Paul Robertson, 52, was working underneath a Mercedes Sprinter in Scotland when the jack which was supporting the vehicle failed.

After crying for help, Jordan Coia came running and managed to single-handedly lift the van high enough for Paul to be pulled out.

The neighbour said: “I could see the guy’s legs sticking out from under the van and I realised that he was underneath.

“After moving my car, I lifted the van and a fellow neighbour lifted his leg out.

“I went into autopilot. I have never come across anything like this in my life and I hope to never come across it again.”

Two fire engines, an ambulance and a paramedic car, plus two marked police vehicles and one unmarked police car attended the scene.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We received a call at 12.42 hours today to attend an incident at an address on Station Drive.

“We dispatched one ambulance and a trauma team to the scene.

“One male patient in his 50s was taken to Raigmore Hospital.”

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  1. AXLE STANDS mans best friend when it comes to working under any vehicle.

  2. How much has that cost the rest of us because he used inappropriate equipment and/or failed to get professional repair?

  3. If you haven’t got any stands why not at least put the wheel underneath.
    #bushmechanicstip. ??

  4. A local man to me died in exactly the same way a few months ago. It crushed his chest and he suffocated to death. His wife eventually found him several hour’s later. I would never go underneath a vehicle without axle stands.

  5. Personally diy mechanics should not be repairing any kind of motor vehicle without the relevant qualification’s it’s high time insurance company’s nipped this in the bud, this time the guys really lucky his rescuer had his weetabix that day and saved his ass!!!


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