Highway horrors: can you top these messy cars?

These motorists were quick to show their dirty drives, but have you seen worse in the workshop?

Highway horrors: can you top these messy cars?
Could these be Britain's messiest motors?

61 per cent of car owners admitted to waiting longer than one month before cleaning the inside of their cars, with seven per cent saying their motors only get an interior cleaned once a year, or never at all, reports UK Car Line.

The competition that was held subsequently boasted hilarious, and frankly shocking, results as motorists sent in pictures of their filthy vehicles.

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Have you seen or serviced cars that were dirtier than these? Send your pictures to [email protected].

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  1. About 16 years ago ,and I will never forget it, I was carrying out a service and MOT on a Golf Cabriolet and during the MOT test had to move some carrier bags that were in the way of the rear seatbelt stalks.A couple were full of clothes but the last one was half full of used sanitary towels . Needless to say a little sick popped into my mouth and I exited the vehicle with great haste and ,as you would expect, expelling involuntary expletives as I did so. Not an experience I’d like to repeat. Sorry if anyone is eating when reading this .


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