Man caught out by Manchester’s “invisible bays” wins fine appeal

Council rejected initial appeal despite parking bay not being clearly marked for pay and display

Man caught out by Manchester’s “invisible bays” wins fine appeal
Parking scammer left keys on dashboards and drove some 185 miles while owners were on holiday.

James Horan, 27, was fined £25 for parking in a pay and display bay, despite there being no clear markings to provide an indication, reports the Manchester Evening News (M.E.N).

The ‘invisible bay’ on Heyrod street is between two sets of yellow lines and seemed the perfect spot for James as it was just outside his workplace in Piccadilly station – before a £25 parking ticket appeared earlier this year.

Manchester council rejected James’ initial appeal, saying he had failed to buy a pay and display ticket despite the fact there were no bay markings on the road.

The council’s website says that all parking bays are ‘clearly marked with enough room for most cars and vans’ and it was only after being contacted by M.E.N that the case was reviewed.

James’ fine has now been cancelled, and the bays are to be repainted, he commented: “I’m happy about it.”

“It was a ridiculous process.

“When you’ve got a full time job and other things going on life, it was one of those things I could just do without.

“They make the appeals process so difficult, I found it really stressful.

“How many other motorists might have been fined for parking there but didn’t contest it?

“I hope the council will be contacting them as well to refund them.”

A Manchester council spokesman said: “This ticket was issued in error and will be cancelled.

“The location in question should have been marked as a pay and display bay and the lines will now be repainted.”

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