Petrol and diesel ban to start in east London this year

Petrol and diesel cars are to be banned from east London this year

Petrol and diesel ban to start in east London this year
Certain areas of London are due to introduce the ban in April.

Plans to ban petrol and diesel cars from east London during peak hours have been supported by Islington and Hackey council, reports the Evening Standard.

Motorists caught flouting the new rules in certain areas of London could face a fine up to £130.

The scheme, supported by 70 per cent of people living within 10km of the area and 56 per cent of all respondents to the consultation were in favour of the changes according to Hackney council.

Cabinet member for neighbourhoods, transport and parks Cllr Feryal Demirci said: “The streets around Shoreditch suffer from some of the worst air quality in London, ultra-low emission streets will have reduced levels of air and noise pollution, make it easier and safer to walk and cycle and improve the character of the area for all residents and businesses.

“To start with we’re banning petrol and diesel vehicles in the morning and evening rush hours to reduce people’s exposure to dangerous fumes and make the streets safer when people are walking and cycling to and from work and school.”

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