Motorists to be educated about Block Exemption in new campaign

"Your Car, Your Choice" highlights the rights of motorists to freely choose a garage for vehicle repairs and servicing

Motorists to be educated about Block Exemption in new campaign
Your Car Your Choice: consumers have the right to use any repair workshop.

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) is raising awareness of motorists’ rights by launching the ‘Your Car, Your Choice’ campaign, supporting key legislation providing motorists with freedom to choose where to service, maintain and repair their vehicle.

The campaign, formally called ‘Right2Choose’, has been relaunched by IAAF to reflect developments in the digital age and to refocus the industry’s attention on the importance of choice in regards to vehicle maintenance and repair work.

Under Block Exemption legislation, consumers have the right to use any repair workshop for non-warranty work during the warranty period.

The aftermarket can utilise the rebranded promotional support and materials available, including an easy-to-navigate website, merchandise, literature explaining key legislation and information, and a social media campaign.

Motorists unaware of legislation

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive, said: “Many motorists are unaware of this legislation and it’s our duty as an industry to inform the general public and give them the opportunity to choose the best option for their own requirements.

“We will now work alongside the aftermarket to tackle misconceptions within the industry and beyond.

This message is incredibly important, not just for motorists but for the future of the independent aftermarket and we encourage the sector to get behind the campaign and spread the word.”

Follow the ‘more details’ link below for further information about the IAAF.

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  1. Does the garage have to be VAT registered ?

  2. Unfortunately insurance companies get around this by stating they will only pay on a claim if you use their approved repairers ie autoglass on glass.


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