Bulb replacement key part of MOT process

30 per cent of MOT failures caused by blown bulbs, research shows

Bulb replacement key part of MOT process
"Bulbs are and should be treated as a vital safety component part," says Ring.

With the MOT season in full swing, Ring, a specialist in vehicle lighting and automotive electronics, is appealing to technicians to treat bulbs as a critical safety feature and not as a consumable cost hidden in MOT invoices.

With estimates suggesting that 30 per cent of all MOT failures are caused by blown bulbs, replacements are a key part of the MOT process and bulb upgrades should also present mechanics with a vital upsell opportunity.

Henry Bisson, marketing manager for Ring, comments: “Our own research has found that all too often mechanics see bulbs as a consumable and that they fear that charging, as an example, £5 for a headlamp bulb and another £5 for fitting, is too much.

“But this is based on their knowledge of how much they have paid for the bulb.

“In reality, motorists do not know what the cost of a replacement headlamp is.

“Plus, if as a consumer your only fault was a £10 replacement bulb, you would be delighted.”

Mechanics are also being advised to look to motoring retailers to understand how they have made money effectively from selling bulbs and fitting them.

Bisson continues: “Retailers proactively offer bulb changes and in many instances, they dominate this area of car components.

“This raises a number of questions, how has the professional aftermarket let this happen and shouldn’t more motorists be going to the trained professionals to have their bulbs changed?”

Bisson concludes: “MOT season is an opportunity for mechanics to sell more bulbs and profit from upgrading motorists.

“But, what is vital, is that garages are confident about charging a fair price for them and respecting the fact that bulbs are and should be treated as a vital safety component part.”

To help mechanics understand more about bulbs, Ring offers a range of support material from technical catalogues to wall charts.

For performance bulbs Ring also provides counter top stands, posters and POS material.

For further details about Ring and its range of lighting options, including bulbs, as well as its extensive portfolio of accessories, click ‘more details’ below.

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