BG Products to promote its business model as a “better fit for garages” at Mechanex

Cost-effective solutions effectively clean combustion chambers, injectors, Intake tracts, EGRs and DPFs in-situ

BG Products to promote its business model as a “better fit for garages” at Mechanex
BG Products formed in 1972 in Wichita, Kansas, USA and have a significant catalogue of collaborations with OEM’s in finding solutions to specific deposit and sludging issues.

Specialists in advanced automotive chemistry, BG Products is this week exhibiting at Mechanex Sandown Park.

During the trade event, the company hopes to outline how its background as a chemistry company, rather than a tool supplier, makes the BG Products business model “a better fit for garages than other offerings”.

In a press releases, BG Products said: “Other decarbonisation suppliers tie garages into contracts or charge a significant amount upfront.

“Our model is based around the cleaning power of the high quality chemistry and accordingly is much more closely linked to number of customer services carried out.

“Garages can save hundreds of pounds a month, are not locked into long contracts and because of BG’s quality ethos can be assured that they are delivering services that are good for their customers, and for their business.”

Carbon deposit problems

The company believes that all cars suffer from carbon deposit issues because burning fuel releases carbon.

Emissions devices like the EGR valve are particularly prone to deposits.

These deposits also transfer into the air intake system leading to serious running problems such as loss of power, reduced MPG and increased emissions.

Time-consuming and costly for the customer, solutions involving component removal and physical cleaning are not ideal.

That’s why, BG say, their research and development teams devote significant resources into developing and refining cost-efficient input systems to enable optimum delivery of their high quality cleaning chemistry into combustion chambers, injectors, Intake tracts, EGRs and DPFs in-situ.

The chemistry for the BG Petrol Air Intake Service starts at £24 per service, with the input tool rental set at £28.99 + VAT a month.

“Proven performer”

Paul Dobbyn, director of Powerflow Ltd, sole distributor for BG Products in the UK, said: “It’s a proven performer, not just a problem solver.

“It’s documented record across relatively new, as well as old vehicles, both petrol, diesel and now direct injection as well, shows it to be a very impressive performance restorer.

“Power improvements of 13 per cent and MPG improvements of 4 – 9 per cent have been achieved with this service, making it great for the motorist as well as an excellent extra revenue stream for garages.”

Central to BG’s commitment to maintaining the operational systems of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles, the company seek prolonged trouble-free automotive performance for every BG customer.

Paul added: “Speak to informed garage professionals who have witnessed the long-lasting effectiveness of our maintenance regimes and they will recommend you use BG Products to clean, or keep clean, the inside of your car’s engine.”

For further information, click ‘more details’ below or see BG Products at Mechanex Sandown 7-8th November on stand D32.

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