90 years of Bosch brakes

We look back at some of Bosch's innovative creations

90 years of Bosch brakes
From servo brakes to copper-free brake pads, Bosch continues its legacy of original inventions.

The pneumatic servo brake presented by Bosch in 1927 significantly increased road safety and cut down braking distance of contemporary commercial vehicles by one third.

A year later, Bosch presented the brake support, a compact brake assistance system for passenger cars.

In 1936, the basis for modern anti-lock braking systems was laid by Bosch engineers when Bosch filed a patent for a “mechanism to prevent locking of the wheels of a motor vehicle”;  it was only in 1978 that powerful digital technology allowed the series production of an ABS.

Bosch developments

By now, anti- lock braking systems have become a standard in automotive engineering and the electronic stability program ESP® is a legal requirement in several countries.

Besides these electronic systems, Bosch developments have also improved the safe performance of all other braking components.

In 1983 high-carbon-cast brake discs have significantly improved the braking performance of powerful vehicles.

Between 2001 and 2012, several innovations have also had an impact on the development of brake calipers.

In 2016, Bosch presented the innovative high-performance brake fluids ENV6 and ENV4 ensuring quick reaction and reliable performance of modern brake systems.

All in the mixture

By means of innovative production techniques and new material blends, Bosch has repeatedly managed to make progress in terms of brake pads.

Bosch produces various different brake pads to meet specific regional requirements, which usually exceed the legal requirements.

In 2010, for example, the US states Washington and California issued laws aiming on reducing the amount of copper used in brake pads.

As a consequence, Bosch engineers developed a copper-free brake-pad mixture which was the first copper-free brake pad on the market eight years before the entry into force of the laws.

Bosch already offers copper-free brake pads on the EU market – although they are not yet legally required.

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