Dayco’s new release targets drive system improvements

Manufacturer and distributor adds to its product portfolio with launch of HK belt

Dayco’s new release targets drive system improvements
Dayco has more than 50 locations in 20 countries and over 4,500 associates.

Dayco’s range encompasses timing belts and kits, timing/water pump kits, chain kits, belt-in-oil kits, as well as auxiliary drive related belts to help technicians tackle power transmission related challenges.

In a press release, Dayco said: “Highlighting just two of these products – high tenacity and the just released, HK belt – demonstrates how Dayco is developing the technology to improve the performance of individual components and subsequently the drive system as a whole, and then applying these developments to provide the aftermarket solutions.

High tenacity belts
Dayco added: “With the growth in the number of vehicles that are fitted with high tenacity (HT) timing belts as the original equipment (OE) fitment, the trade is becoming increasingly familiar with the ‘white’ timing belt.

“Although technicians may not initially be aware, irrespective of the marque to which they are fitted, all OE HT belts are manufactured by Dayco.

“It is Dayco that developed the twin spiralled glass-fibre cord technology, which is wound into the core of these belts to give them their incredible tensional strength and the patented PTFE/cotton fabric coating on their teeth, that reduces friction and pulley wear and gives the HT belt, its instantly recognisable appearance.

“Technicians that fit these kits can extend the existing two-year warranty on the kit by another year and therefore provide their customers with a three-year warranty.

HK belts 

“Dayco HK belts encompass the highest level of technological development and feature a new tooth lining fabric and weave that incorporates aramid fibres.

“This combination achieves extremely high wear performance and greater adaptability to tooth geometry, which makes them particularly effective for high-stress transmission systems.

“These belts are now making their appearance in the aftermarket and are included in specific timing belt and water pump kit applications, with the HK suffix in their marking.”

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