Five more engine decontamination myths busted

EDT Automotive respond to more engine cleaning misconceptions in this final Q&A

Five more engine decontamination myths busted
EDT Automotive hope to grow its network by tackling doubts and misconceptions.

The network built by engine decontamination specialist EDT Automotive has restored the performance of over 42,000 vehicles to date; however, managing director David Holmes believes that it has only scratched the surface of potential. 

“We’ve definitely seen some clear patterns in the questions garage owners have about the EDT machine,” said David.

“Once we get past these, customers soon discover the amazing benefits the EDT machine brings.”

Myth Buster

“Drivers won’t notice the difference”

Customers typically say they see great results immediately; as soon as the car’s driven it’s usually quieter, smoother and more powerful; they’re typically filling up less often too.

“We can evidence this with our rating of 9.7 on TRUSTPILOT and 97 per cent five star reviews,” said David.

“It’s an expensive addition to the workshop”

EDT offer a unique ‘vending machine’ concept so instead of an expensive up-front purchase, customers simply pay-as-they-go to fund the cost of the EDT Machine from the profit they are making whilst using it.

“We aim to get them in profit from the second month,” said David.

“We won’t be able to sell this service”

EDT will provide proven marketing literature as well as access to EDT’s partner’s ‘best results generator’ format.

That will ensure that each garage can promote their EDT service successfully to existing customers.

EDT also provides re-training to all garages as and when required; the public understand and like the simple concept.

“It only works well on some cars”

The standard EDT engine cleaning machines can be used on all vehicle types; the EDT Auto Transmission machine is a perfect alternative for automatic vehicles too.

Several of EDT’s partners specialise in vintage cars and have received amazing results from the EDT engine clean.

“If it goes wrong, we’ll be paying fortunes to fix it”

Once a garage signs up, EDT provides full support, including equipment repairs in the unlikely event of breakdown; garages simply contact the EDT team by phone as they need to.

The machine is fully maintained by EDT.

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