Federal-Mogul Motorparts offers technicians 24/7 access to training and support

Ignition systems training covered as part of new free guide

Federal-Mogul Motorparts offers technicians 24/7 access to training and support
F-M Campus is a free, online learning platform designed for anyone working on or interested in automotive components and how to service and install them.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a division of Federal-Mogul LLC, today announced the release of three new training modules on its F-M Campus website.

The latest content provides information and technical training for its BERU and Champion ignition products.

Serving users from introduction through to basic and diagnostic level, the new training modules outline the general workings of ignition systems as well as highlighting the production process and the materials used.

They explain the process of examination for visual defects and the broader future of ignition systems, say Federal-Mogul.

Future of ignition systems

F-M Campus offers various courses from generic automotive to component specific, such as braking, engine, filters, steering and suspension or wheel end bearings.

European trade marketing and technical services manager at Federal-Mogul Motorparts EMEA, Marijn Staal, said: “We recognize the importance of ongoing education and the best way to demonstrate that is by providing it to our customers.

“The six new modules have resulted in 9.263 users passing the exam and becoming certified.

“Whether you’re a workshop owner who wants to help improve their team or a young technician looking to further develop your career, F-M Campus is for you.”

Also available on the F-M Campus website are the training and troubleshooting videos from the F-M Campus YouTube channel.

The easy to follow training videos cover a range of topics, from changing motorcycle’s brake pads to the installation of wheel end bearings and are available in nine languages.

For further information about FM-Campus see ‘more details’ below.

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