Workshop describes digital training site as “the future”

Our Virtual Academy proves invaluable for technicians at specialist auto electrical workshop in Aberdeen

Workshop describes digital training site as “the future” provides a "different kind of training".

Employing 12 staff, consisting of five auto electricians and two apprentice auto electricians, Taylors Auto Electrical has described as “the future of training, without a doubt.”

An spokesperson said: “Conventional technical training is expensive, especially for smaller workshops and independents; course costs, travel costs, and lost productivity all factor in to decisions on pursuing further training and education.

“And, with a study by a major manufacturer finding that only 20 per cent of classroom learning is retained after just three days, ensuring the effectiveness of that learning is a real concern.

“ seeks to address this by providing a different kind of training: online, video-based courses, accessible whenever you need them.”

“Different kind of training”

Taylors have been using Our Virtual Academy as part of their training for over six months and “have found it to be of great benefit.”

After completing the essential electrical skills course on, the Taylors apprentices attended a level two essential electrics course with a national training provider.

Foreman, Alan Murray said: “They got much more out of the course because they were familiar with the subject and content.”

Going into the classroom with a solid theoretical understanding of what you’re learning allows for a much more active learning experience, where you can match up your existing knowledge with hands-on practical application.

No time restrictions

And, because is online and available 24 hours a day, there are no time restrictions.

Alan added: “The ability to train at your own pace and at a time that suits you is a huge plus, this allows you to enter the classroom with a good fundamental knowledge of all the subjects that they cover.

“ does not replace the need for classroom training but rather maximises the results you get.”

Speaking of the website itself, Alan said it’s “very well put together and easy for anyone to use,” adding that “the content is high quality”.

In his view, “would be an asset in any workshop, especially those struggling to take time off to attend conventional technical training courses due to distance or workplace demands.

“I wish I had this level and quality of training at my fingertips at the time I was doing my system technician courses.

“This is the future of training, without a doubt.”

For further information about Our Virtual Academy, click ‘more details’ below.

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