How to use PicoScope to test keyless entry signal

Pico Technology have discovered a technique to examine keyless entry sensors

How to use PicoScope to test keyless entry signal
The keyless entry signal carrier detector (TA330), is a three meter long lead with the detector on the end.

Pico Technology are always looking to solve problems with modern vehicle system as manufacturers change the way cars work.

Keyless entry has been around for years and now Pico Technology have a way to test the sensors.

By using PicoScope with the keyless entry signal carrier detector, the technician can detect the presence of a keyless entry carrier signal in the frequency range of 125 – 140 KHz (as used by most manufacturers).

The device has a short range by design, allowing the technician to check each pick-up coil in turn to identify faulty units.

The detector does not pick up or decode the high frequency secure information used to unlock the vehicle, it only displays a waveform of the present signal on the screen.

Click ‘more details’ to learn more about the keyless entry signal carrier detector.

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