Video: Servicing Stop garage manager app to “improve transparency”

App enhances car servicing for both workshops and customers, says Servicing Stop

Video: Servicing Stop garage manager app to “improve transparency”
Servicing Stop say the app now ensures the garage driver pictures and videos the car upon collection, during the service and upon delivery to heighten transparency.

Servicing Stop’s exclusive app has now been made compulsory to the network’s 1,500 garages in a bid to improve efficiency and customer trust.

In a press release, Servicing Stop said: “The company already has a unique selling point of free collection and delivery meaning customers no longer have to step foot inside a garage but rather can have their car serviced while they sit at home, work or on the move.

“Mechanics on the Servicing Stop network must also picture any used parts being replaced in the vehicle and add it on to the customers report meaning if the customer comes back within 12 months of their service in keeping with the company’s 12-month warranty, there is evidence of the parts replaced.”

The company is also working to make life easier and simpler for mechanics and garages on the network.

The app works with Google Maps and in-built phone navigation software to offer the driver directions to the customer’s location, it will also soon have an in-built driver identification page to present to customers upon collection meaning there is no longer a need to carry lanyards and ID cards.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “Our new app heightens transparency in the industry by picturing the entire journey from start to finish and presenting it to customers.

“It helps the garage and the customer in solving complaints, answering queries and understanding the works required on a vehicle.

“This is one of many technological advancements from the company, and it stands as a predecessor to our exclusive never before seen customer app.”

For further information about the Servicing Stop network, click ‘more details’ below.

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