Revealed: VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda true maintenance costs

Data compares the cost of maintenance for the Volkswagen Group volume brands

Revealed: VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda true maintenance costs
Audi tops the list of the most expensive to repair while SEAT is the cheapest.

An online marketplace for car servicing and repairs in the UK, (WCFMC) has compare the true cost of maintenance for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda.

With an average quote of £202.81, Audi has been revealed as the most expensive brand of the four.

However, Audi is only eight per cent more expensive than the average repair cost across the four brands (£188.22) and 20 per cent more than the least expensive brand, SEAT (£169.06).

The data also suggests that VWs are ten per cent more expensive than SEAT and six per cent more expensive than Skoda.

When comparing the three volume superminis; Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia and VW Polo, there is a ten pound difference between the cheapest (Ibiza: £153.52) and the most expensive (Fabia: £163.05).

Similarly, the price difference on the high volume saloon models is small across Audi A4, Skoda Octavia, and VW Passat with only £14 separating the A4 and Octavia.

When it comes to Hatchbacks, the Audi A3 repair bills are 11 per cent more expensive than the Leon and 7 per cent more expensive than the Golf.

Interestingly only eight pound separates the Golf and the Leon, which is what you would hope for considering when they are stripped down they are essentially the same car.

Discounting Audi, the other three brands battle for price supremacy across different segments.

Audi is the most expensive across the routine job categories, which includes brakes and exhausts, electrical and batteries, servicing and MOT and steering and suspension.

The most notable is the brakes and exhaust category – on average, pads and discs will cost an extra £53 for an Audi than they would for a SEAT, £47 more than Skoda and £37 more than VW.

Exhaust Fitting will cost you £207 on average for an Audi, 46 per cent more than Skoda (£112), 36 per cent more than SEAT (£132) and 33 per cent more than VW (£138).

WCFMC believe the fact that VW comes out more expensive on average than SEAT and Skoda is driven mostly by non-routine work.

If you take Bodyshop work, the average VW quote is £407 – 25 per cent more than Skoda (£306) and a whopping 35 per cent more than SEAT (£266).

In comparison, four pounds separates the cheapest (SEAT £191) and most expensive (Skoda £196) for a routine full service and MOT.

Between three and five years old, SEAT costs jump by 30 per cent, Skoda by 23 per cent, VW by 19 per cent and Audi by 18 per cent.

However, Audi costs continue to soar up to the eight-year mark when they then tail off and plateau.

Digital marketing manager, Louis Butcher said: “As expected, Audis are consistently more expensive than their counterparts, likely down to its positioning as a more premium option.

“VW is consistently more expensive than Skoda and SEAT in the first 12 years of ownership.

“Interesting, considering many of the models are very similar in terms of what is under the hood – brand equity may result in a more expensive product.”

To find out more about WCFMC, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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