Save over £2000 on Carbon Clean engine decarbonisation

Carbon clean unit runs entirely on water and electricity once initially set up

Save over £2000 on Carbon Clean engine decarbonisation

Normally £499 + VAT a month, Carbon Clean is currently offering its machine for just £249 + VAT a month – that’s more than a £2,000 saving.

Carbon Clean technology uses electrolysis to break water down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

These are then blown into the engine as an oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture to accelerate combustion and clear residues.

Key benefits:
  • Improved exhausts emissions.
  • Improves engine efficiency.
  • Significantly improved compression.
  • Prolonged engine life.
  • Increase engine performance.
  • Lower oil consumption.
  • Cut emissions.
  • Improve MPG.

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Valid : Until end of July, 2017.

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