Free Accu-Smart battery charger deal from Sykes-Pickavant

Deal includes lifetime case warranty and two year battery warranty, while stocks last

Free Accu-Smart battery charger deal from Sykes-Pickavant
The Accu-Smart charger is automatic and does not require mode selection.

Sykes-Pickavant are offering a free 12v 4 amp Accu-Smart® battery charger with every pro-start 800 booster pack, for just £365.95 + VAT while the limited stock lasts.

12v pro-start 800 booster pack

  • 800 cranking amps and 2370 peak amps.
  • AGM internal batteries.
  • Double insulated starting cables – 1.30/1.35 mtrs length.
  • Illuminated voltmeter indicates booster charge level, booster and alternator function.
  • Curved jaw clamps, fully insulated.
  • Single-piece, shock resistant, moulded case.

Accu-Smart® 12v 4 Amps battery charger

  • Suitable for Wet (Lead Acid), AGM, Gel & Fleece type batteries.
  • Professional and ventilated design.
  • Thermal runaway technology optimizes the charging time without the risk of overheating, analyses and protects the battery during charge.
  • Microprocessor controlled system with eight stages of charging to ensure precision, safety and battery life.
  • Manages and regulates the charge of the battery, so can be left connected on the battery permanently.
  • In-vehicle electronics are unaffected by the Accu-Smart® and are safe to be left connected whilst charging.
  • Retains memory settings within the vehicle whilst replacing the battery.
  • The Accu-Smart® charger restarts in case of a power cut and provides total protection against short-circuits, peaks of voltage (AC or DC), inversion of polarity and over-heating spikes.
  • Works automatically, without external intervention with no need for handling or mode selection.

For further information, click ‘more details’ below, call 01543 679900 or email [email protected] quoting offer code: 861002SP1.

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