Essential hand lamps available while stocks last

Professional battery powered hand lamps with innovative features for busy technicians

Essential hand lamps available while stocks last
Part numbers left to right: 987AA9390 (C1 hand lamp), 987AA3740 (C11 Fatflex Pro) and 987AA3750 (C5 mini flex).

Available from the Parts Alliance from as little as £17.95 + VAT, this range of hand lamps are the perfect option for lighting up the job.

C1 hand lamp: £26.99 + VAT

  • Resistant to water and dust (IP54)
  • 3W COB LED offering 350 lumens
  • Rear magnet
  • 230v UK charger
  • Belt clip and gift box
  • Five hour burn time /four hour charge
  • Ergonomically designed

C11 Fatflex Pro: £36.95 + VAT

  • Innovative and extremely versatile cordless handlamp
  • 3w COB offering 350 lumens and four hour burn time
  • Powerful and bright wide beam angle
  • Extensively drop-tested and able to withstand being run over by a vehicle up to 1.8 tonnes
  • Resistant to water & dust (IP54)
  • Hook & very strong magnet
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Supplied with USB cable

C5 Mini Flex: £17.95 + VAT

  • Handy and flexible 45+90 degrees handlamp
  • 2.5 – 3 hour burn time
  • Flood light in front (140 lumens)
  • Flashlight on top (70 lumens)
  • Charging indicator
  • Hook and magnet
  • Supplied with USB cable

To order or to find out more about these lights contact your local branch of The Parts Alliance by calling 0121 749 8801, quoting ‘Garage Essentials Autumn 2017’.

Click ‘more details’ below to find your nearest Parts Alliance branch.

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