Argument over football sticker results in car dealership brawl

John Thompson threatened to ‘bring a shotgun’ to the showroom in Mansfield

Argument over football sticker results in car dealership brawl
Photo: Google Street View

A court has heard how a “silly argument about a Liverpool FC sticker” at a car dealership turned into a brawl.

Car salesman John Thompson threatened to “bring a shotgun” to the Ron Brooks Suzuki dealership in Mansfield after becoming irate following “ongoing banter”. He had flung his car keys at a sales manager and said: “Now I don’t work here I can sort that c*** out and all his mates”.

Prosecutor Becky Allsop told Mansfield Magistrates Court that he grabbed a man by the throat, before shoving him into a locker and punching him in the mouth. Five members of staff tried to intervene, with Thompson hitting one of them in the head, breaking his glasses.

According to the Derbyshire Times, Thompson, who has access to guns, shouted: “You’re all mugs. I will take you all and smash your faces in. I will bring a shotgun at 5pm.”

Police arrested Thompson at an address in Mansfield, where they discovered a quantity of cannabis in a garden shed.

Thompson admitted two counts of assaults, making threats, resisting an officer and possession of cannabis. He will be sentenced on 21 November.

Source: Derbyshire Times

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