Dangers of MOT extension all too evident, IAAF says

Federation calls for greater clarity around the implications of the six-month extension

Dangers of MOT extension all too evident, IAAF says

Garages across the country are witnessing dangerous faults on vehicles which have been given a six-month MOT extension, the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) has said.

An independent garage, part of the Autocare network, contacted the IAAF after recently welcoming a customer who was planning on delaying her MOT for a further six months, until the technicians pointed out the very dangerous condition of the vehicle’s tyres.

They were both split and perished and would not only fail an MOT and be deemed as ‘un-roadworthy’, but would also be a huge hazard to the driver and other motorists if she had waited another six months and had not had them replaced.

The IAAF has said the DVSA decision to extend MOTs for a six-month period causes “huge challenges” for the sector, arguing that the industry needs to ensure vehicles continue to be kept safe in these challenging times.

Opinion: MOT extension is seeing majority of garages shut shop

The federation argues that the industry needs to ensure vehicles are running safely in these challenging times and the extension will result in a worrying number of vehicles ‘un-roadworthy’ but in operation.

Wendy Williamson, IAAF chief executive, said: “We will continue to maintain a dialogue with the DVSA, calling for greater clarity around the implications of the six-month extension.”

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Have you come across any dangerous faults on a car which has been given a six-month MOT extension? Share your comments below or email your pictures to [email protected]

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    Graham Latimer

    In reality the 6 month extension will make a lot of testing station’s close. And when it’s over the cars will need to be tested all at once
    Bit of a farce really mabey people will just get the cars tested before then
    Stay safe

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    Ewan Lawson

    We carried an MOT on a vehicle on the 29th March , the customer was moaning his bad luck at not being given a 6 month extension . His car failed I even showed him the amount of play in a track rod end and a suspension ball joint and he was amazed and glad that he got his car done . If he had had an extension it could have ended in a disaster .

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    D spriggs

    We had Vauxhall meriva which was in the extended mot time, but the owner wanted it to have mot. The front brake lines were rotted and leaking the front sub frame around the steering rack mountings were very badly rotted his wife is nurse, they were shocked how bad the car was and we’re pleased that we found the faults and rectified them, his words were we could have been killed,we have no work and have closed as I have wife with cancer and I can’t or told not to work my staff would like to work but if they do you can’t get furlough if they work I don’t think there is enough work to make the wages, I’m at catch 22 I feel it’s ridiculous to extend 6 months mot it feels like we are the only trade that has 6 months penalty on our trade,they were also working to the distance rules and cleaning with bacterial cleaners I feel very worried about the future of company due to the loss of so much earnings, knowing that even when we open there is 5 to 6 months, hope everyone is well lots in same boat I’m going stirr crazy not being able to work

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    T james motors

    We have had 6 bad tyres and three broken springs this week and its only tuesday if we had left the mot the spring could have gone through the tyre

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    Gareth Davies

    Carried out 2 safety checks on customers cars today. Both customers did not want to jeopardise their extension of MOT as they were concerned their cars may fail. Both customers were correct in that both cars would have failed with dangerous defects which were spotted on a fairly basis check. Worrying.

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    Gareth Davies

    I have today carried out two safety checks for customers who didnt want to pay for an mot, as they qualify for an extension, as they were concerned they may fail and then leave them unable to use their cars with the extension. Both customers were absolutely right as both vehicles had many faults some of which were very dangerous.These faults were easily found on a fairly basic inspection. Very worrying.

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    Mark i

    People can go to the supermarket once a week to shop .
    They can pop out for milk .
    They can exercise.
    We are being robbed.
    We need compensation.
    We are going to lose our businesses.
    Call me on 07747700047.
    We need to form an alliance and fight for or lives.

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    Jonathan McCarthy

    The problem is not the mot extension it is that people Don’t maintain their car correctly. They are a lot of companies in this business that just work to minimum standards. They think that if it passes a test its Oknthat is not really true. The business needs to be regulated correctly to weed out the companys that are not working correctly

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    paul knights

    we already work to a bare minimum standard,we also see everyday how bad cars are in 12mths we are already the easiest country in Europe to get an mot,but were going to be busy in oct,as our work load should double for a few months

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    Jo Jenkins

    Having read all the above comments I find it incredible that this extension will be allowed to continue, the safety aspect is paramount let alone the damage it is doing to untold garages.
    I think this issue should be looked at with the upmost urgency.
    It is perfectly possible to have your car MOT in a safe and responsible manner as the majority of MOT’s are done on an appointment basis and all garages as all supermarkets can run a social distant system.
    I understand these are difficult times but come on government don’t make the any harder but sending perfectly viable businesses to the wall

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    Gareth Davies

    I did an MOT on a plumbers van last week which I failed on dangerous defects, the most serious of which was a n/s front track rod end that had an excessive amount of play to the extent that it was going to fail. The customer had brought the van in as a result of an online check which had revealed that he had 10 days left on his current MOT. He booked the van in for repair with us on Monday 27th April. Upon arrival at the garage for his appointment he he questioned me on why the van had now passed the MOT without the repair being carried out. On investigation the six month extension had been granted even though there was a fail issued by me with dangerous defects. I explained this to him and advised the work should be carried out regardless of the extension. The customer agreed and we carried out the work then retested and gave the 12 month MOT. The message the customer took from the fact an extension had been granted was that the van was Ok to use for another 6 months, using the extension, regardless of the defects we had found. This extension is leading to dangerous vehicles being used on the roads.

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