Flexible furlough scheme welcomed by IGA

Government to allow businesses to bring some furloughed workers back to work on part-time basis

Flexible furlough scheme welcomed by IGA
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The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has welcomed the Chancellor’s update and extension to the furlough scheme, which will allow businesses to bring staff back to work on a part-time basis.

During an announcement earlier this week, Rishi Sunak confirmed that the job retention initiative has been extended until October.

He revealed that changes will be made to the wage-subsidy scheme from July to “wean” workers and businesses off the programme.

From August furloughed workers will be able to return to work part-time with employers being asked to pay towards their staff salaries.

Latest: Chancellor confirms details of new flexible furlough scheme

The Chancellor promised that employees would continue to get 80 per cent of their salaries, up to £2,500 a month.

The government also said it is exploring how furloughed staff can do additional training or learn new skills during their time away from work.

The IGA wrote to Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak on 29 April, requesting a partial furlough scheme that would allow employees to return to work part-time to support businesses throughout their reopening.

Stuart James, chief executive of the IGA said: “We thank the Chancellor for listening to the IGA’s proposal to implement a flexible furlough scheme.

“As highlighted in our letter, many independent garages have suspended activity since the coronavirus crisis escalated due to the decrease in work volumes caused by lockdown restrictions and the MOT extension.

“This support from the government will help independent garages with a gradual, stable approach when reopening.”

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Details about how much companies will have to contribute towards the salaries of staff that return part time are yet to be announced.

Around 7.5 million workers are now covered by the scheme, up from 6.3 million last week.

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    The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has welcomed the Chancellor’s update and extension to the furlough scheme, which will allow businesses to bri
    [See the full post at: Flexible furlough scheme welcomed by IGA]

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    Derek Smith

    The IGA getting the government to tinker with the furlough scheme is not much help… what they should be doing is pushing the gov to stop the MOT extensions.
    The latest advice from Government is to use cars not public transport… so they need to be safe… they wouldnt run a train or bus that hadnt had sufficient safety checks

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    Mark Harrow

    The flexible furlough scheme is great and thank the IGA for raising this with the government early on, but it is no good in August we need it now to survive!
    My 2 MOT tester/Technicians have partners who work in key roles and so they have to share in looking after their children due to the schools not accepting them, but both could come to work on a part time bias which would suit me as there is a limited work demand.
    We could then start to rebuild our business right now, also helping other key workers with their cars and contribute to collecting taxes again for government.
    So its a no-brainer we need the flexible furlough scheme now as a matter of survival!
    August will be too late

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    Hugh H Hofton

    We are 29 years in business in Glocester and have 9 people that rely on us for income and serve 3000 customers each year our business has been supported with the furlough scheme and a grant but we need a removal of the Mot resriction,also a phased return to work for furlough asap not August this will help to keep redundances minimal.
    Good luck all independents.

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    Scott Kinsella

    Mark Harrows comment above Sums it up and the same as me , myself and 2x of my staff all have partners who work in the NHS and nobody has child care !!! A flexible furlough scheme would be great , but imminently not later on! Say Jonny can work 3 days of the week at full pay , then the other 2 days he would then be on 80% furlough paid by government. This would be the only way forward to help businesses open and contribute , also lowering the full 80% total burden on the Uk which is happening now. No businesses = more people on universal credit = costing the UK even more.

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    Adam Johnstone

    Completely agree. To get our business up and running we need to bring in our workshop staff on rotation which would be part time and we need to do that now not August.

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    The Furlough scheme has been a great help BUT from day one we needed flexibility, We have just phased them all back over the past week. I would really like to do a rota system giving them all the opportunity to as already described earn full-time a few days and Gov backed 80% even the 60% muted each, for a shortened working week until business picks up.

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    Steven Moss

    Like many other above have stated, we really need flexible furlough pay now. I am currently running the business with my father, my 2 technicians are still furloughed. Some days I am MOT testing & trying to carry out services & repairs, however still not enough to bring staff back full time.
    As Hugh said, MOT restriction need to be lifted now. Thank you IGA for help & support during this tough & worrying times.

    #195908 Reply
    Alex Sharp

    Agree with comments above.
    Part time furlough needs to start now to allow businesses to steadily build as customers start to get back to work.There is a demand now but its too sporadic to balance operational costs with charge out hours to work sensibly currently.

    Mot extension needs to be addressed as the workload come September will leave customers without vehicles for weeks and and Testing stations/workshops completely overwhelmed which will continue in September for years!.
    Again..thanks to IGA for updates and support

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