Bosch launches latest cabin FILTER+, presenting fresh service opportunity for garages

Filter neutralises allergens and bacteria, company says

Bosch launches latest cabin FILTER+, presenting fresh service opportunity for garages
The Bosch cabin filter claims to offer health benefits and a fresh service opportunity to garages.

Bosch has released its new air filter, the FILTER+ – with, according to the company, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial effects, which presents a fresh service opportunity for garages.

The latest air filter covers 160 million vehicles across Europe and delivers renewed health and commercial benefits for both garages and motor factors.

Neutralising harmful allergens and bacteria

According to Bosch, it renders allergens harmless and eliminates bacteria in a special anti-allergy layer.

The device also filters almost 100 per cent of all fine dust particles (particle size up to 2,5µm), as well as soot and pollen in an ultrafine microfibre layer.

Harmful and foul-smelling gases are also neutralised in an activated carbon layer.

Improving driver visibility

Bosch asserted FILTER+ protects the air conditioning system and improves driver and passenger vision by reducing deposits.

The company believes that by encouraging air filters to be changed regularly, customers will be safer and healthier.

Workshops can offer an additional service proposal as a result.

Business opportunity for garages

It is recommended to change cabin filters every 9,000 miles or once a year.

Possible consequences of silted-up filters, according to Bosch:

  • Poor vision due to misted windows, and thus reduced safety
  • Increased concentration of pollutants inside the vehicle
  • Allergic reactions, e.g. sneezing
  • Restricted operation of the air conditioning system due to deposits on the evaporator

Find out more about Bosch and its product range by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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