BG Products air intake and injector cleaning service restores Mitsubishi L200

Performance restored following significant running issues thanks to BG air intake and injector cleaning service

BG Products air intake and injector cleaning service restores Mitsubishi L200

BG Products has released details of a case where its air intake and injector cleaning service successfully restored engine performance in a Mitsubishi L200 which had been suffering with significant running issues.

IPD Motorsport Services in Tebay contacted its local BG Products representative for help diagnosing a running issue.

Symptoms included poor starting, rough idle, excessive smoke and loss of power.

Having gone through some basic tests and more in-depth diagnostics, Ian of IPD Motorsport Services had confusing and conflicting information and decided to take a closer look.

After inspecting the air-intake, Ian realised that the vehicle would require an extensive strip down to have components manually cleaned.

Ian’s BG Products representative said: “Given the state of the intake, deposits were a very likely the cause of the poorly mud plugger.

“The question was, ‘is it not injecting or breathing properly?’.

“No excessive smoke from the engine through the disconnected boost hose indicated it wasn’t compression but you need to induct air to compress it…

“So was this the issue or a heavily glogged injector or two?

“Ian had checked the injector signals and they were firing fine but that doesn’t mean it’s able to inject properly.

“We went with both the intake and injector clean and, literally 20 minutes into this double service, the rough running and chattery motor perked up and purred.

“In fact if you imagine your worst hangover ever just disappearing at the blink of an eye it was that sudden.”

The car was retreated with BG245 200 miles after the service and it was returned a further 300 miles later for another check-over.

Ian gave it a big thumbs up and the customer was delighted that at less than the cost of one injector the car ran like new.

BG Products said this was an extreme case and the services carried out are actually preventative maintenance services.

The company says that if the vehicle had enjoyed BG Products at regular service intervals, it would not have suffered with these problems.

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