Blue Print highlights range coverage for Hyundai i40

Over 60 parts in range for i40 model including steering and suspension parts, filters and clutch components

Blue Print highlights range coverage for Hyundai i40

Blue Print is this week highlighting its range coverage for the Hyundai i40.

Commenting on common Hyundai i40 problems, a Blue Print spokesperson said: “A wheel bearing is a vital component of a vehicle, being crucial to the wheel assembly which connects the axle and the wheel.

“The wheel bearing enables even rotation without causing too much friction while in motion. 

“The wheel bearing undergoes constant stress and pressure, due to high running temperatures 

“Contamination in and around the wheel bearing can cause the component to fail.

“If debris, mud, grit/salt or dirty water enter the bearing, it can contaminate the grease.

“Poor road conditions such as potholes or large bumps in the road can cause damage to the wheel bearing due to the amount of strain and pressure the component undergoes, causing wear.s 

Symptoms can include rumbling/grinding noises, the steering may seem ‘loose’ or imprecise and the steering wheel might vibrate during motion.

Popular i40 references

Part Number Description OE Number To Fit 
ADG08207 Wheel Bearing Kit 51720-38110 Hyundai i40 (2011-) 
ADG074217C Air Mass / Air Flow Meter 28164-2A401 Hyundai i40 (2011-) 
ADG03644 Clutch Slave Cylinder 41710-23000 Hyundai i40 (2011-) 
ADG072110 Crankshaft Sensor 39180-2A900 Hyundai i40 (2011-) 
ADG07380 Timing Chain Kit  24351-2A000 Hyundai i40 (2011-) 

Blue Print provides quality vehicle components with optimum safety and performance abilities, with a variety of parts for this model. 

Blue Print supplies only OE matching quality parts for the Hyundai i40, with first time fit and a three year unlimited mileage warranty on parts. 

To find parts for the Hyundai i40 on Partsfinder, select the ‘more details’ link.

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