Bosch analyser meets aftermarket demand for 48v testing

Enables workshops to service and repair fast-growing mild hybrid car parc

Bosch analyser meets aftermarket demand for 48v testing
Bosch’s new FSA 740 vehicle system analyser.

With the increasing use of 48-volt systems on modern passenger cars, Bosch says that its new FSA 740 vehicle system analyser is the ideal solution for independent workshops.

Part of the first Bosch range to feature dedicated 48v measurement technologies and test routines, the newly enhanced FSA 740 provides rapid all-makes troubleshooting for both mild hybrid and 12v-only vehicles.

The entire FSA 7-series meets the EN 61010 technical standard and the FSA 740 is approved for safe working on 48v systems.

It boasts a Windows 10 computer with a solid-state drive (SSD) for faster processing, a more robust and ergonomic trolley, an A4 colour laser printer and a significantly larger screen, up from 19 to 24 inches.

Technicians can link the FSA 740 to a KTS diagnostic tool or ESI[tronic] software via Bosch Connected Repair and older FSA models can be upgraded via a software update and additional accessories, including insulated adapters.

Alex Phelan, product manager group leader for Europe North, said: “As an original equipment supplier, Bosch has demonstrated the fuel-saving and performance benefits of using 48v in tandem with 12v, particularly for stop-start.

“This innovative approach delivers many of the advantages of full hybrid at a fraction of the cost and ever more vehicle manufacturers are adopting it.

“For independent garages, there’s considerable profit potential in serving this fast-growing mild hybrid sector. Our new FSA 740 vehicle system analyser covers 48v and 12v in one user-friendly package.

“It is future-proof kit and testers tell us the larger screen makes a real difference by enabling them to read it while sitting inside the vehicle, for example, during emissions analysis.”

To find out more about Bosch, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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