Bosch commercial vehicle wiper blades

Range includes 'Twin' as standard, 'Aerotwin' as premium solution and 'Eco' as value-based standard alternative

Bosch commercial vehicle wiper blades

Bosch is this month revealing the story behind its range of wiper blades for commercial vehicles.

The story of Bosch wiper-blade success started in 1926 as the first electric wiper system was launched.

And it is continued to the present day by several additional innovations such as spoiler wiper blades, windshield washer systems, jet wiper systems with integrated wash jets and Aerotwin wiper blades with patented wiper-rubber technology.

A Bosch spokesperson said: “Bosch wiper blades are checked thoroughly before they are added to the portfolio.

“In addition to the compulsory standard tests, Bosch also performs much more stringent quality tests.

“Only those wiper blades passing these tests are released for sale.”

The range includes ‘Twin’ as standard, ‘Aerotwin’ as a premium solution and ‘Eco’ as a value-based standard alternative.

In addition, Bosch provides individual solutions for specific vehicles, including preassembled adapters.

By means of the innovative ‘power protection plus’ wiper rubber, among
other innovations, Bosch provides clear perspectives of future technologies.

Aerotwin flat commercial vehicle wiper blade

The Aerotwin flat wiper blade is a high-performance blade with pre-assembled adapter for commercial vehicles, buses, vans and LCVs – aerodynamic design and patented ‘power protection’.

‘Plus’ wiper rubber offers optimum visibility under any weather conditions, while an qerodynamic spoiler brings reduced wind noise and extremely low wiping noise.

Aerotwin blades are also supplied with pre-assembled universal adapter and combi interface for the three most common hook sizes.

Tailor-made, parallel hightech spring strips made from Evodium steel ensure perfect contact pressure.

Twin standard commercial vehicle wiper blade

The Twin standard range is a robust conventional metal-bracket wiper blade with pre-assembled adapter for commercial vehicles, buses, vans and LCVs.

The wiper rubber with wear-resistant micro twin edge and resilient metal bracket system with double corrosion protection lastingly ensure high wiping comfort and safety.

A flexible spring strip evenly distributes the contact pressure across the windshield.

Pre-assembled adapter ensures quick and easy fitting.

Wiper rubber with smooth-glide coating and wear-resistant micro twin edge for perfect cleaning and low wiping noise.

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