HELLA offers integrated solution for complex lighting systems

Upon request customers to receive components for complex lighting systems on modular basis

HELLA offers integrated solution for complex lighting systems
Front lighting functions can be simulated on PC with ALiSiA software.

With its new ‘Light Design’ approach, lighting and electronics specialist, HELLA, is the first supplier to offer a complete system for complex lighting systems.

Two HELLA business divisions, Lighting and Electronics, are working closely and combining their product technologies into a flexible, modular product system.

All components, from headlight modules to electric control units and sensors, can be assembled according to the modular principle.

HELLA also supports the specification of interfaces between the individual components and the development of the optimum light for the driver.

In addition, vehicle manufacturers receive innovative software solutions for simulating lighting functions (ALiSiA) or designing animations (GAIN).

The ‘Light Design’ offers are aimed at automotive market trends, such as increasing vehicle customisation and autonomous driving.

Manufacturers benefit by being able to easily configure complex lighting systems and reduce their integration costs.

Innovation cycles

The innovation cycles in the automotive industry are becoming ever shorter, while lighting systems become more complex.

Therefore, more and more manufacturers are in search of a complete system that can be easily integrated and adapted to meet individual requirements.

Thanks to its broad system competency in lighting and electronics systems, HELLA can meet these requirements.

When purchasing a modular product, customers will have access to ‘ALiSiA’ (Advanced Lighting Simulation Architecture) the software tools and GAIN (Graphical Animation Interpreter), depending on the application.

ALiSiA enables them to test the dynamic behaviour of new front light functions on the PC and to make individual adjustments.

The software allows the direct influence of individual components on the overall light output to be felt and properly experienced – even before the complete system is implemented in the vehicle.

Products from other manufacturers can be easily integrated via change packages.

The HELLA ‘GAIN’ software makes it possible for vehicle manufacturers to easily design the light animation themselves ─ starting with functions such as the wiping turn indicator, through individual choreographies for headlamps, lighting for radiator grills, rear combination lamps and interior lighting, right up to animations for autonomous driving functions.

These designs can be transferred to the embedded product just by pushing a button. This saves both time and costs in development.

To find out more, follow the ‘more details’ link.

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