Check ride height with this new Power-TEC gauge

Delivers the accuracy required following bodywork repairs

Check ride height with this new Power-TEC gauge

With the increasing prevalence of modern driver aids, like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), maintaining the correct vehicle ride height has become crucial to ensure that these systems function optimally, especially after accident repairs.

Power-TEC has recently introduced their new Ride Height Gauge (part number 92666), an innovative tool that simplifies ride height measurement without the need to crawl under the vehicle.

The Power-TEC 92666 allows you to measure vehicle ride height easily and accurately. Its 92cm (36 inches) length means that you can measure it under the vehicle sills or even beneath the centre of the vehicle without crawling under the car.

The gauge is suitable for use on level ground or with scale/turning pads, offering flexibility in different workshop environments. It provides a measurement range from 51mm to 350mm, with an additional imperial scale for added convenience. You can measure from nearly any area under the vehicle.

The magnetic tape measure head simplifies the process by allowing measurements to be made while adjusting the ride height. This streamlines the ride height setup process. For the best results, it’s recommended to measure at identical points on either side of the vehicle (four measurements).

The Power-TEC 92666 is equivalent to OEM Tesla 1071271-00-A, meeting the stringent standards of original equipment manufacturers. It assures accuracy and reliability.

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