Jaguar Land Rover chooses NTN-SNR for Jag XE SV Project 8 ceramic wheel bearings

High-performance sports version of the XE saloon boasts ceramic wheel bearing tech

Jaguar Land Rover chooses NTN-SNR for Jag XE SV Project 8 ceramic wheel bearings
The exclusive project, consisting of only 300 vehicles, started mid-2016 and the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 is going on sale in September 2018.

NTN-SNR Roulements has confirmed that it has been selected by Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operation to participate in the new XE SV Project 8.

To meet the high specifications required by Jaguar, NTN-SNR has developed a bearing which is light weight but still has a high rigidity when fitted, has reduced friction and is very durable.

To help design the new bearing, NTN-SNR drew on its expertise in aeronautics and suggested the use of ceramic balls instead of the standard steel balls, to help achieve the required specifications.

An NTN-SNR spokesperson said: “It was necessary for NTN-SNR to respond to several technological challenges within a short space of time, our wheel bearing knowledge and technical know-how allowed us to design, develop and test this new wheel bearing within the short time period Jaguar required.

“Participation in this project demonstrates the confidence that Jaguar Land Rover places in NTN-SNR products and its technical expertise.”

Adaptive technology

The technology, which offers weight savings of 210 grams per bearing, has already been developed and tested in single seater race cars and 24 hour Le Mans race cars.

The ceramic balls used in the bearing generate far less friction than a normal steel ball, allowing the bearing to rotate much easier, helping with both performance and fuel economy.

The weight savings, extra rigidity and reduced friction all help to improve the dynamics of the chassis, essential for a vehicle with a top speed of nearly 200mph.

It’s expected that ceramic wheel bearing technology will soon be used on mass-produced vehicles.

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