Shaftec launches new advert campaign

Remanufactured parts produced to matching OE quality standards at dedicated UK facility

Shaftec launches new advert campaign
Shaftec says that the new adverts use inventive and bold imagery to get the business messages across.

Shaftec has announced a “change in design direction” with the release of three new adverts.

The company says the new advert campaign reinforced the key points of its cornerstone messaging: remanufacturing is the way forward where possible, economically and environmentally; in-house control, quality, range and availability are pivotal – and price really does matter.

“We are excited to introduce these new adverts to the UK market”, explains Tom Curtis, Shaftec director.

“Dialogue with our customers told us that more than staid product images was needed.

“The word on the street was that there are so many things that differentiate Shaftec from the competition – we really should capitalize on them!

“I hope that is what we’ve achieved with this imagery and messaging.”   

Under the banner ‘It pays to fit Shaftec’, the advert for its range of remanufactured brake calipers carries the messages of a price reduction across its top 100 parts and that the surcharge now starts at £5 per piece.

The second advert looks at Shaftec’s product range of more than 12,000 parts, and how carrying a full and complete range of parts at all times is as important for the garage as keeping the car on the road is for the driver.

The third advert illustrates that the quality, range and availability of Shaftec products is ‘out of this world’.

Operating a policy of introducing new parts on a regular and timely basis is key to Shaftec’s success.

New to range references

In 2019 to date, the business has created 1,951 new to range references.

These include: 16 CV joints; 1,316 driveshafts; 158 brake calipers; 142 EPS racks; 15 EPS pumps; 102 EPS columns; 112 manual & hydraulic racks and 90 hydraulic pumps.

Examples are: EPS racks for Vauxhall Adam/Corsa E 2012 onwards; EPS racks for Lexus CT200 Hybrid 2010 onwards; driveshafts for Nissan NV400 2010 onwards & Ford C-Max 2010.

“Giving our customers what they want and need is what we are all about.

“We showed the adverts to a pilot group and they were well received across the board,” said Tom.

“We’re proud of the premium product we supply.

“With our remanufactured products produced in-house to matching OE quality standards at our dedicated UK facility we have total control over the materials and processes used simplifying the supply chain and meaning we can offer constant availability even under challenging conditions.”

To find out more about Shaftec, click the ‘more details’ link.

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