Swarfega explains how to correctly use Stop Quick cleaner

Stop Quick is a quick drying cleaner that disperses across surfaces to dampen and remove dirt, grease and grime

Swarfega explains how to correctly use Stop Quick cleaner
Stop Quick is available from stockists in a 500ml aerosol or refillable trigger sprayer with 5L can or 25L drum options for refilling.

Swarfega is well known for its skin care products, but it is sometimes forgotten that they also make a wide range of cleaning products for use by mechanics in their day-to-day activities.

There are three great products in Swarfega’s degreasing and maintenance range; Jizer, Duck Oil and Stop Quick.

Whilst new products often get lauded as the next big thing, some products have been around for decades, having stood up to the test of time and found to be more than equal to the job; Swarfega’s Stop Quick, first launched in the early 1980s, is one of these long-standing products.

Re-designed in the 1990s, Stop Quick is a quick drying brake and clutch cleaner that rapidly disperses across surfaces to dampen, absorb and remove dirt, grease and grime.

Quick and easy

With excellent wetting properties and low surface tension, Stop Quick quickly gets into the hard to reach parts of brakes and clutches, lifting off dust and grease that can build up and inhibit performance.

For use on brakes, Stop Quick will clean drum and disk brakes, lining material, brake pads, block brakes, springs and cylinders; it can also be used to clean clutch parts including clutch linings, pressure plates and all other clutch parts.

A spokesperson said: “To use Stop Quick, once the part has been prepared for cleaning, it is recommended that excess dirt and dust is removed with a brush.

Universal cleaner

“Stop Quick should be applied liberally and be allowed to run off, carrying the dust and grease with it, the remaining liquid with then quickly evaporate, leaving the part in question clean with no residue.

In more extreme cases, it may be necessary to repeat this process.”

Stop Quick has been extensively tested to prove its compatibility with clutch and brake systems, and overspray will not damage paintwork; further application to metal and most rubber and plastic components will not result in corrosion or damage making it a versatile, universal cleaner.

Stop Quick can also be used to clean and degrease other mechanical parts including carburettors, callipers, contacts, starter motors, springs and pistons.

For further information about Swarfega Stop Quick, click ‘more details’ below.

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