Swarfega go-to brand for hardworking hands, reviews suggest

Classic, orange and wipes get high praise in these reviews

Swarfega go-to brand for hardworking hands, reviews suggest
Swarfega has interacted with some of UK's biggest celebrities through its social media presence.

Tried and tested, Swarfega’s skin care products have been a go-to for automotive workers for more than 70 years.

Swarfega classic

Swarfega classic, the iconic green gel, is perhaps one of Swarfega’s best known products.

Honest John reviewed classic, giving it 5/5 stars for value: “Just a small amount of product is needed to be effective on even the dirtiest of hands and it cleans much more quickly and effectively.”

Leaving his review on Toolstation, Caddyman said that classic “is still the best for removing oil and grime from hands and have used it for over 50 years.”

Swarfega orange

The fruitier version of the tough hand cleaner, orange is great for deep cleaning.

A DIY reviewer on Screwfix said: “Excellent product, my hands are always covered in oil, grease and dirt and this cleaner will remove it all.”

One Ebay reviewer said: “we’ve always used Swarfega orange and it’s perfect for use in our garage.”

Swarfega wipes

For those on the move, Swarfega’s wipes are ideal when you don’t have a water source.

One Amazon reviewer, JayBe said: “These wipes are great at getting the usual garage contaminants off your hands.

“Just a single wipe seems to be all I need.”

A Screwfix reviewer said: “Our service department have been using these for years and we also now use them in the workshop.”

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