Sykes-Pickavant highlights benefits of its battery powered wheel lifter

Newly launched equipment offers a safe solution for supporting wheels

Sykes-Pickavant highlights benefits of its battery powered wheel lifter

Sykes-Pickavant is this week highlighting the benefits of its new battery powered wheel lifter, which offers safe wheel removal and installation in line with current UK manual handling guidelines.

The mounting and dismounting of wheels weighing more than 16kg for women and 25kg for men cannot be safely carried out by hand while observing UK manual handling guidelines.

It is suggested that the maximum weight for men to lift at work should be 25kg and for women 16kg, depending on factors including lifting height and distance from the body.

Wheels from large vehicles and SUVs average between 30 – 40kg, making them unsuitable for manual removal and installation.

The battery powered wheel lifter by Sykes-Pickavant offers a safe solution for supporting wheels whilst mounting and dismounting up to a maximum wheel hub height of 1450mm.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “Our solution supports a maximum capacity of 60kg and takes the strain out of lifting and lowering, helping to protect the operator from injury.

“Smooth movement is provided whilst taking the weight of the wheel; allowing the operator to easily align it with the bolts.

“One handed operation is achievable as the entire process controlled by a button on the handle.

“The special handle shape provides a convenient point of grip and offers minimum interference during the mounting / dismounting operation of the wheels.

“The trolley’s low centre of gravity offers excellent stability against tipping whilst improving handling, further increasing safety of use.”

Two 12 V batteries provide several cycles of handling before the lifter requires recharging and the battery life can be monitored with the integrated LED charge indicators.

For further information about Sykes-Pickavant’s battery powered wheel lifter, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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