How to boost customer relations with TecAlliance RMI

A recent survey showed that the majority of people polled dreaded workshops

How to boost customer relations with TecAlliance RMI
Shaun Greasley, general manager at TecAlliance.

According to a customer survey carried out by Warrantywise, the public dislike dealing with workshops more than any other trade; 78 per cent of women and 62 per cent of men believe they will be ripped off when getting their car fixed.

The survey also highlighted that the public lacks understanding when it comes to the components their vehicles use and the words mechanics use to describe service methods and parts.

“Although it might sound like an oversimplification, the answer is to provide customers with complete clarity,” explains Shaun Greasley of TecAlliance UK & Ireland.

“It’s obvious from the survey, and from our combined experience as individuals within the trade, that the majority of the general public has become so disconnected from how cars work, that they have no idea of their requirements.

“On top of this, it is left to those who are the least trusted – and often least equipped – to try and educate them, while at the same time presenting the bill!”

“First class job”

TecAlliance repair and maintenance information (RMI) allows technicians to access seven million items of technical data, more than 21.5 million repair times, 230,000 service plans and 900,000 repair instructions.

“TecAlliance RMI users have an effective tool to tackle the problem, because it gives them the ability to demonstrate to their customers exactly what is required for a specific service or repair, how long it will take, what parts are needed and even how much those parts will cost,” continued Shaun.

“This provides consumers with the clarity they crave and goes a long way to restoring the element of trust.

“Naturally, the work still needs to be completed in the correct manner, which is where RMI delivers again because through its detailed service actions and repair processes, it provides a proficient technician with all the information they need to carry out a first class job and, ultimately, that’s what really counts for the workshop and motorist alike.”

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