TUNAP valve cleaning system can help boost profits, technician says

Vehicle manufacturers approve system as "the only recommended fix"

TUNAP valve cleaning system can help boost profits, technician says
Before and after treatment.

Carbon build up on the inlet valves is a common problem that many independent garages face, with some having tried methods which have had little effect but led to expensive, labour intensive dismantling of component parts to clean or replace them thus hiking up the overall repair cost.

Jason Bowden of Bowden Auto Services in Torquay said: “Over the years we have owned, used and tested many inlet cleaning systems, none worked perfectly, some were near useless and just a complete waste of time.

“Using the TUNAP bead cleaning system has now given us a proven fix that involves minimal stripping, reducing time and money spent on each job.

“With patience and practice you can achieve one-hundred per cent clean with the TUNAP system, we can now legitimately say we can get the same results as a full cylinder head and valve strip.

“As with all processes the end result is only as good as the effort and skill put in by the user, some practice and patience are needed but pay off in the end result.

“With more and more vehicles using direct injection the carbon build-up and problems associated with it will become more common, and as such we consider this tool a necessity in the modern workshop.”

The TUNAP valve cleaning system is approved by Vauxhall, Mazda, Peugeot Citroen, Fiat Chrysler, Suzuki and several commercial brands as “the only recommended fix”.

For further information about TUNAP call 01732 365163 or click ‘more details’ below.

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