Watch: Stoke-on-Trent garage shows how TUNAP cleaner restored MINI EGR cooler

EGR cleaned using Tunap 926 product after confirmation of issue using the BMW ISTA diagnostics

Watch: Stoke-on-Trent garage shows how TUNAP cleaner restored MINI EGR cooler
A Tunap customer has praised how effective using their product solved a common issue very quickly.

AA Silencers Ltd, a chemical-technical technology company, has released a video online showing how they successfully used the TUNAP 926 XGel EGR cleaner on a customer’s BMW MINI.

An AA Silencers master technician said: “A BMW Mini came in suffering with airflow matching itself to the EGR: we believe that the EGR cooler had become blocked.

“After running the BMW test plan the specialist equipment said it had a minor blockage.

“The EGR cooler was removed and cleaned with TUNAP 926 XGel.

“The XGel was left overnight to soak inside the cooler.

“After flushing the XGel out, the results speak for themselves.”

A TUNAP spokeperson said: “Loss of power, rough idle and elevated emissions are increasingly common problems caused by dirty or stuck EGR valves and carbonised parts in the intake and exhaust system.

“TUNAP’s 926 XGel EGR cleaner is the perfect tool to combat these issues cheaply and effectively.

“Once the EGR has been removed from the vehicle, most cleans will only take 15-20 minutes, but if the carbon build-up is large, the product can always soak overnight for some amazing results.”

For more information about TUNAP’s cleaning products, please visit TUNAP’s website or call them on 01732 365613.

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