Customer blames BMW dealership for two near accidents

Main dealer denies releasing car in dangerous condition and dismisses "exaggerated claims"

Customer blames BMW dealership for two near accidents
BMW North Oxford. Image: Google Street View.

The owner of a BMW has critised a BMW dealership for endangering his life, claiming a mistake made by technicians resulted in two near crashes.

Tom Davidson had taken his car to BMW North Oxford after a light on his dashboard started flashing.

Technicians diagnosed the issue and changed the brake fluid before returning the car to its owner.

“I had to pump the brakes”

But after leaving the garage, Tom claims to have almost crashed twice on his journey home because his brakes were not working correctly.

He said: “The car kept going at normal speed [when I braked].

“I had to pump the brakes about three to four times before it stopped.

“It was so dangerous.”

He claims the brake pedals travelled all the way down when pressed, but the car failed to stop.

After reporting the problem back to the dealership, Tony said two technicians examined the car on his driveway before taking it back to the workshop.

They returned later that day and told him the garage had experienced a problem with its brake fluid changing system that day, which is why he had troubles with the brakes, the Tony added.

“An attempt to force us to pay compensation”

A spokesperson for BMW North Oxford said: “The dealership deny that the car was released to the customer in a dangerous condition.

“The brakes were still operational even though the brake pedal travel did travel further before the brakes were engaged.

“The customer’s exaggerated claims are an attempt to force us to pay compensation to which he is not entitled.”

Mr Davidson, who made a complaint to BMW Group’s head office, said he was told the company will not take responsibility for the franchise.

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    I’ve got used to the idea that bad service is just a part of everyday life. Nobody really wants to pay for their mistakes. All you can do is share your experience and hope others can avoid it.

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    Just because he avoided hurting himself or somebody else, does not make him a lottery winner… for this, you need to buy a ticket mate:D

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    Why didn’t he stop when the pedal went to the floor? He would have been just leaving the dealership.
    He could have easily gone in to the dealer and said he had a problem.

    He drove and nearly had an accident twice? Surely the sensible thing would have been to stop!

    He is probably after compensation.

    The dealer clearly made an error, but everybody makes mistakes, this guy could have killed someone and then blamed the dealership.

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    If Mr Davidson was that concerned he should have stopped the car immediately. Knowingly driving a dangerous car puts him in the spotlight.
    It shouldn’t have left the garage but how did even end up in the press.
    Bloke doesn’t get compensation so throws all his toys out of the pram.
    Made it home for his tea tho!

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    assuming the system wasn’t utterly and completely empty(which given it stopped)I guess was the case then a dual circuit system will always have sufficient brakes to stop you.yup sending a motor out with a lotta pedal travel is a no no and id have expected them to reach some sort of arrangement with the punter and look at who(if anyone)is doing the roadtests but if hes screaming compo then I can understand their reluctance to deal with him.sad,ends with neither winning.

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    My friend had a similar issue, BMW told him he needed a brake fluid change to which he agreed. when he picked his vehicle he went to meet his girlfriend some 35 miles away and on the motorway pressed the pedal and the brakes did nothing at all, the motorway way clear and he was able to down shift through the gears and stop on the hard shoulder when the car was recovered to a local garage the had found one of the bleed nipples on the rear still loose and leaking fluid. BMW refused to take any accountability. very poor service which nearly cost him his life..

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