Survey says 75 per cent more women prefer Servicing Stop

Servicing Stop says women prefer the "hands off" approach

Survey says 75 per cent more women prefer Servicing Stop
Servicing Stop say that 75 per cent of women surveyed love its service. Image: Bigstock.

A recent survey conducted by research company CINT revealed that 75 per cent more women prefer the ‘hands off’ process offered by Servicing Stop compared to alternative service providers.

The convenience of the service is giving mums on the run, businesswomen and female car-owners across the UK the option of carrying on their day to day affairs while an approved garage gets to work on their vehicle.

Chief executive officer of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond said: “The fact is, having to book a day off work or having to arrange childcare whilst you take the car to the nearest service centre is unavoidably inconvenient and time consuming.

“This is simply not a set of circumstances acceptable to the majority of people, regardless of whether you are male or female.”

Convenience, affordability, trust

BBC Two’s Rip Off Britain reported that women are overcharged more than men when getting their car serviced, but Servicing Stop say it offers affordability with a recent in-house survey revealing that female drivers paid on average six per cent less than men.

Since founding in 2008, Servicing Stop has developed a network of 1,500 garages spread across the UK to meet the demand of an increasing customer-base.

In a message aimed at independent garages, Oly Richmond added: “Due to rapidly increasing demand, Servicing Stop is currently looking for new garages to join our network.

“Joining Servicing Stop is completely free, we take care of the admin and pay you for the servicing.

“You can take on as little, or as much work as you like; join us and see the work roll in.”

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