Video: Garage owner launches legal action against Google over ‘fake’ reviews

Search engine refuses to remove series of malicious reviews despite evidence, business owner says

Video: Garage owner launches legal action against Google over ‘fake’ reviews

The owner of a car sales business in Essex is taking legal action against Google over a series of fake and damaging online reviews, the BBC has reported.

A number of one-star reviews about the garage appeared on Google Maps.

One reads: “Absolutely the poorest service I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to experience.”

The multinational technology company refused to remove what Richard Boatwright claims are malicious reviews left by anonymous users.

He said: “We’ve provided them with firm information that shows these reviews are completely fabricated but they’re not interested.”

“They’re anonymous, behind fake names, so you don’t really know what to do.

“You feel helpless.”

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Some 20 million business reviews are posted everyday on Google.

In a statement, the tech giant said: “The vast majority of reviews are helpful, relevant and authentic.

“We monitor closely for content that violates our policies 24/7.”

Mr Boatwright added: “We’re not taking it lying down.

“We’re trying to fight back but, for a small company to take on the mighty Google, it’s not going to be easy”.

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Adam French of consumer rights organisation Which? said: “Our research has found fake reviews are prevalent across different platforms and the kind of influence they have on our shopping decisions is huge.

“I think there’s more that companies like Google could do to shut down these fake reviews.

“They can be quite passive, relying on people to report them.”

Have you experienced malicious reviews about your garage business? Share your comments below.

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    The owner of a car sales business in Essex is taking legal action against Google over a series of fake and damaging online reviews, the BBC has report
    [See the full post at: Garage owner launches legal action against Google over ‘fake’ reviews]

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    Guy on youtube had the same you could see it was so fake
    And the person replies saying fake, he reports it and told it was fine so it says.

    Seen youtube video short useful only posted hours before gets thumbs down

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    Susie Dhanjal

    We’ve have a few fake review, have also spoke to Google and nothing done.
    We reply to the ‘reviewer’ politely to ask them for the invoice number and date etc but of course they never reply back to us!
    Something needs to be done about this, fare enough if you’re done something wrong, we rectify the problem but can’t if there really isn’t a problem!

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    Graham cox

    google and many review sites appear to be mixed and we have also had fake reviews
    to be honest we now try to avoid the internet were possible and deal with real people on the telephone
    a large amount of people that trawl the internet for garages and prices in our experience our hard to deal with and low budget spenders
    we have gone back to good old leaflets and print which appears to be working
    nothing is easy but our the internet we do not think is the best way to trade

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    Mr Paul Richards

    We have been lucky not to experience many fake reviews. We reply to all reviews, especially the not-so-good ones, and call out the fake ones. A gentleman, that had never been to us, posted numerous reviews for many companies and locations on the same day! He only left a poor score without a comment. We challenged his score a couple of times, and reported it, but you are wasting your time.

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    john williams

    We had 2 bad reviews from people that we never meet 1 who we refused to work on his car because the amount of work he wanted done was far in excess of what he could not afford and another who phoned and asked for an max ball park figure for discs and pads all round on his Mercedes Vito (and they must be Mercedes parts )to go to another garage who we know and just had aftermarket pads fitted to the front and left a review that we were rip off merchants
    Goggle refused to do anything about all 4

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    If you find a telephone number for google in uk it is never answered
    By a human however if you play with the numbers

    Xxxxxxxxxxx60. Try xxxxxxxx61. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx62 got voicemail
    See if can lead voicemail.

    I did that trick recently and got a butcher shop!

    Worth a try

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    We have not had a fake review,but quoted for a steering pump and rack together as the previously fitted reconditioned steering rack had failed.(not fitted by us).The pump had been contaminated with metal filings so both components were needed.This customer had not been to us before but were recommended by their family member.
    He did not want the work doing as it was to expensive and left a one star review with no explanation and we didn’t charge him for the appraisal of the job.
    I think all reviews should be accountable with a reference or name and a brief description of the review, this would allow a reply to respond according.

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    bbc. co. uk/news/technology-55981600

    Some fud has to pay £25k to some lowlife lawyers

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