Watch: GWTV goes behind-the-scenes at Bilstein Group UK

GWTV reveals how Bilstein Group has future-proofed it’s place in the UK’s automotive aftermarket

Watch: GWTV goes behind-the-scenes at Bilstein Group UK

Established in Germany in 1844, the Bilstein Group, with its prestigious brand Febi, SWAG and Blue Print, provides the automotive aftermarket with high quality replacement parts.

Its recently opened UK facility, based in Derbyshire, is more than 205,000 sq ft and houses a hugely advanced, fully automated picking system.

Picked by robotic cranes, 250,000 totes transport components to their dispatch location where the parts are weighed to ensure the order is correct.

For bulk items, warehouse staff manage nine-aisle high-bay pallet racking with forklifts.

The company’s plans don’t end here though, because there’s capacity to expand the robotic picking system and number of pallet locations even further, ensuring workshops have access to the parts they need for years to come.

True to its ‘fit and forget’ slogan, the site is also home to a dedicated quality department.

The Bilstein Group brands offer more than 60,000 different spare parts, offering repair solutions for vehicles.

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