Garages urged to offer free wiper check to customers

TRICO will offer garages full marketing, technical and sales support with their products

Garages urged to offer free wiper check to customers
TRICO has suggested that garages complete wiper checks with the help of their full marketing and technical support.

Windscreen wiper manufacturer, TRICO, has announced that it will be supporting garages in their efforts to check customer windscreen wipers with a comprehensive support package to boost sales.

The company has said it is the time of year when most drivers will be paying a visit to a garage to have their car serviced before any holidays, therefore it presents a perfect opportunity to boost wiper sales.

To support this, TRICO is offering workshops full marketing support, training, technical assistance, sales promotion guidance and point-of-sale material.

Sam Robinson, TRICO product and brand manager for the UK commented: “Motorists count on the technician to keep them safe on the road and with TRICO wiper blade products, they get the quality and performance their customers rely on.

“With a full range of quality wiper blades to fit virtually any vehicle, TRICO windscreen wiper blades give them and their customers exactly what they’re looking for, from easy installation for the technician to long lasting premium performance for the user.”

Easy to install

TRICO has claimed its Exact Fit programme could not be easier to install, as the blade comes straight out of the package and onto the car, with no loose clips or components to try and fit.

The TRICO Flex programme replaces both Original Equipment fit beam blades and upgrades hook arm blades to the latest design, allowing for the step up from a conventional windscreen wiper blade to premium beam technology.

Ideal for workshops

TRICO confirmed that the range consists of just 14 part numbers to deliver 95 per cent vehicle coverage, and is ideal for workshops where storage space is at a premium.

Rear integral blades should be changed just as often as the front wipers, although most drivers only change their rear blade every five years or so, the brand asserted.

A company statement explained how garages can create a new revenue prospect. It read: “Highlighting this (rear blade changes) is a great opportunity to help customers and win their loyalty.

“Rear blade sales now account for 10 per cent of all wiper blade sales – workshops therefore need to offer a comprehensive programme to cover the market needs and take advantage of this additional revenue opportunity.”

Help for technicians

TRICO offers a number of ways to help technicians change blades efficiently on its website; select the arm type and wiper line of the blades, or search by vehicle model here.

The company has also uploaded a number of step-by-step fitting videos for technicians on its own YouTube channel.

The videos include common issues technicians have in fitting particular wiper blades and a 30-second video for common queries.

Find out more about TRICO and its range of products for the automotive atermarket by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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