Hydrogen cars to overtake electric, says expert

Electric cars represent poor value for money compared to petrol or diesel alternatives, Continental executive says

Hydrogen cars to overtake electric, says expert

The electric vehicle “has its limits” and passenger cars will use hydrogen from 2030, according to an executive at Continental.

Dr Felix Gress, head of corporate communications and public affairs at automotive technology firm Continental, told an audience in Germany that electric cars represent poor value for money compared to petrol or diesel alternatives.

He said: “For the customers, it will be difficult to accept such a car in the market – you pay a higher price, you get less of a car, so it will be a tough sell.”

Gress predicts that the current focus on EV will be reversed within a decade.

He added: “The fuel cell is not ready to kick in yet.

“By 2030, we’ll see that coming, especially in passenger cars that run long distances, or trucks.”

Gress said manufacturers need to focus on electric cars in order to lower their fleet emissions and meet upcoming regulations in various markets, many of which have plans to limit or ban the sale of new conventionally powered petrol and diesel cars.

Circling back around to the topic of hydrogen vehicles,

During his speech Gress commented that hydrogen vehicle is “something Continental is considering”.

He said: “Fuel cell is not out of reach, I would say.

“The question is when it would kick in.

“We are working on that area, too.”

Do you think the future of motoring is electric or hydrogen? Share your comments below.

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    Brian L Pitts

    I think long term future should be electric. If house building regulations where changed that all New Build houses have solar panels and storage facility, this would make the charging of E.V vehicles a much cleaner and cheaper option, alleviating the need for more power stations. The vast majority of car journeys are of low mileage ones i.e commuting to/from work, an overnight charge from storage panels would suffice for the next days use. Inevitably this would not suit all but would greatly reduce the running costs of daily commuting and fleet cars, also the cost to the environment. There is more to come yet from E.V batteries in the form of the IFbattery technology This could be a very interesting project. The future is bright but does need switching on

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    Steph Savill

    Both please. But why didn’t we do this thinking sooner – didn’t we see the green agenda looming large?

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    Hydrogen powered vehicles have been around for many decades, electric vehicles add to the pollution problem during the mining for the minerals the batteries are made from right up until it comes to dispose of the battery.
    Hydrogen has always been the way forward it’s just that the battery powered vehicle lobby were able to grease more political palms.

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    Jackie Sedgbeer

    I agree with Lampy. Nobody seems to have taken into account the production of the batteries and the disposal. Brian has an interesting view, but there are millions of houses that will not come into his thinking. What happens when everybody comes home from work and plugs in, I don’t think the grid will cope with the demand also what happens to people that do not have drives and park on roadsides, can’t always guarantee you will park outside your own house and then where do you plug in, even if you could park outside your own house where do you run the cable?

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    graham cox

    the whole thing about vehicle pollution has become a mess of information.
    we run 2 garages that look after german cars and vans.
    we have been hit badly by the goverments,stupid statement that all diesels are bad and we have had to shed staff because our customers in many cases panicked and bought electric or hybrid,now they are complaining that they are not able to travel as before and there fuel bills have increased.
    we over 25 years ago started installing lpg,a cleaner choice,but the government never got behind this and that turned into a mess as well.
    we need the public to have clear advice and timescales plus a sensible time frame given
    this industry needs to get together and form a plan of attack,to safe guard jobs within the sector
    does anyone agree with me ??

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    Lawrence Wells

    Probably both as they can cater to different market places. Hydrogen will be the best for distance and business driving, electric has too many disadvantages for these customers range being the biggest followed closely by the time it takes to charge, but they can offer advantages for the short distance commuter or town centre motorist. Why put all your eggs in one basket when both work. Petrol and Diesels will still be around for a good 20 years as well

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